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Electronic Press Kit


Facts and Highlights 

  • Gender: Pop/Edm/Latin.

  • Awards:  Winner of a Cuba disco Award in 2018


As a classically trained pianist, I have over 20 years of formal training. I create high vibe electronic music as the brand Angelo Keys which incorporates live keytar performance. In my music, you’ll hear melodic songwriting combined with pulsating techno house beats.


Experiencing the trauma of becoming homeless and losing my mother in the same year, I learned how trauma can affect a person. Those experiences taught me the importance of mastering my thoughts. From that moment, I was committed to cultivating a growth mindset. Through my music, I aspire to instill empowering confidence in listeners so they too may live out their dreams.

Additionally, my music expresses what my words cannot. In the harmonies of Shout and Let Me Go, listeners can hear the balance between darkness and light which reflects the real duality that human beings face. The softer moments in Shout are an homage to the Chopin melodies that guided my formative years. The tropical rhythms in APT proclaim my deep love for Cuban music. The suspenseful tension and satisfying release in my dance songs are emblematic of the EDM heroes I admire all the while showcasing the light and uniqueness that my brand offers the world.

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